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Hello everybody, today I want to introduce our product: titanium alloy keyboards and keycaps, I hope you will like it and put forward valuable comments.

The customization of Kalan started in 2016, and after more than two years of development and testing, we spent more than $10,000 on research into titanium alloys. It is precisely because of unremitting efforts and investment, we have by far the best titanium alloy image technology and titanium alloy color technology. So far, we are the only company in the world that can color a titanium keyboard, and the only one that can make a variety of complex color matching titanium keycaps. After two years of hard work, our technology has matured. Therefore, we also hope to bring the most high-end and exquisite products to all the people from all over the world. Our website is:



At present, in order to let foreign players understand us as soon as possible, the website has a small number of keyboards and keycaps we used to produce in the sale, we welcome you to purchase. We promise that our products will always be sold in group buy and in unlimited quantities in order to make them available to all of our real favorite players. At the same time, in order to protect the interests of older players, all our group buy will only open once, and never open the second round.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message or comment. At the same time, please fill out the questionnaire. The link to the IC form is as follows.




Thank you!

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